workshop with rold academy advisory board

Rold acts in an ecosystem made up of diverse entities spanning from customers, suppliers, universities, research centers and so on. In order to understand what priorities are important for these stakeholders and avoiding a self-refrential approach, Rold organised a further workshop. The participants were. The members of the Board; the members of the Advisory Board of the Rold Academy and the Rold SDG Ambassadors.

During the workshop, some priorities emerged:

1 – Innovation in terms of product and process innovations so as to meet the actual challenges e.g. reducing the environmental impact of the production processes as well as the those deriving from the usage of our products during their entire lifecycle;

2- Education and Training. These are crucial in order to improve the skills of the people working in Rold so as to enable them to cope with the faster and faster job evolution. In addition, new skills are needed in order to leas the green and sustainable transition.

3 – Flexibility in terms of products and production so as to be ready to anticipate, mitigate and deal with rapid changes in the markets as well as climate-change related risks and opportunities.

4 – Flexibilty is fundamental also in terms of company organization to ensure a more and more effective life/work balance.