Workshop on agenda 2030

Rold Academy has organised an initiative aiming at disseminating the ambition of Agenda 2030 and increase awareness on sustainable development. In addition, the activity aimed at calling for the active participation of the entire Rold population in designing our path towards sustainability.


17 workshops


280 participants


3 hours per workshop


840 hours devoted to sustainability

The workshops were organised as follows:

  • An introduction on Agenda 2030
  • A deep dive into the SDG
  • A call for action, presented as a set of challenges based on the specific targets of the SDG presented. The participants were asked to try to answer to the challenges by promoting possible solutions. 

As a result, the ambassadors have launched 55 challenges and the participants have addressed these challenges with 334 proposals.

These 334 proposals have been analysed and organised according to the percentage of occurrence. This has been fundamental in order to collect an initial overview of the priorities for Rold as a whole in terms of transformative changes towards sustainability.