The first Course ROLD in partnership with LIUC Business School

10 . 07 . 2019

“DIGITAL OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE, The digital development path for your company” is the first newly born Course for Managers and Entreprenuers, created by LIUC Business School in collaboration with ROLD. 4 modules in 4 days in autumn (October 7/8 and November 13/14, 2019) in Liuc University classrooms and in Rold manufacturing plants

The Course illustrates what is the path of digital transformation of industrial processes that SMEs can follow for creating a successful competitive position both in the national market, and above all in the international markets.
The training proposal is developed around the concrete experience of an Italian SME that has recently be awarded by a prestigious international recognition: the World Economic Forum selected ROLD as one of the 16 Lighthouse manufacturing Plants in the world for innovation and technology.
During the training program, will be shared all the key steps of the transformation that allowed the company to acquire an absolute competitive position.

The course aims to provide entrepreneurs and SME managers with :
• the tools to understand how to deal with the digital transformation of industrial processes and to design an effective roadmap that succeeds to involve the company’s key people
• the complete picture of the actions implemented by an Italian SME that has managed to exploit the potential of new technologies by aligning consistently organizational structures,
skills and processes
• Best practices and examples of successful companies that introduced new technologies into productive environment and have achieved improvements in their processes

The course will be focused on:
• DIGITAL: digitization, as an engine innovation; • OPERATIONS: operational processes, as a lever to increase competitiveness; • EXCELLENCE: the objective to be achieved, to go beyond in the global competitive environment • SMEs: the target audience, in consideration of the organizational and management specificity.

For further information: http://www.liucbs.it/formazione-manageriale/formazione-a-catalogo/digital-operations-excellence/