Smartfab features

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Quick and easy to install
Integration with all types of machinery
Modular "smart" solutions for every need
Data sharing and functionality with Cloud Azure
Connection with Industrial IoT applications

SMARTFAB PLATFORM: available on cloud and on-premise

  • SmartFab calculates the OEE of your production machines in real time collecting data  directly from the field and visualizing them on both general and on-board machine monitor
  • Uses the powerful Microsoft Azure Function, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • Records data and events relating to machine stops and alarms

SMART METER: keep energy, compressed air and many other variables under control

  • SmartFab monitors the data concerning the energy consumption of the machines 
  • Improves efficiency and constantly reduces waste 
  • Data are displayed on the synoptic and on-board machine monitors

ERP and MES INTEGRATION: SmartFab integrates effectively with ERP and MES systems already available

  • SmartFab is open to communication with ERP/MES and other business software, already present on market, thanks to a bidirectional integration 
  • Integrates all leveles with immediacy in data recovery 
  • Shares information to all the operators involved

NOTIFICATION: interaction between users who are reached everywhere to make timely decisions 

Smartwatch SmartFab gestione allarmi
  • SmartFab allows you to receive notification of both machine and customized alarm directly on your smartwatch or via e-mail
  • Allows rapid intervention and timely decision-making
  • Notification escalation system

ACTIVE MAINTENANCE: management of all predictive and preventive activities

  • Consult the log of all assets, performing quick searches through intuitive filters
  • Insertion of scheduled maintenance
  • Export of reports in .xls format of intervention reports


  • Rold SmartFab is entirely managed by an administrative console which also allows you to download the production cycle reports
  • Possibility of consulting documents, videos and digital notes 
  • Constant check of the production rhythm with relative reduction of intervention times

implemented by

Improvement of OEE which generates immediate increase in productivity
Cost reduction thanks to the monitoring of the main parameters
Access to data anytime and anywhere thanks to Microsoft Azure function
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