The Rold CompanyFrom more than fifty years, we transform inspiration to innovation, shaping strategic partnerships with our
customer companies and having been awarded among the most reliable suppliers

What drives us

People, Passion, Audacity, Responsibility, Results: we transfer them in everyday behaviours, so we consolidate our culture. We promote real change through our strategy, being catalyst of innovation for our customers and our people too.

Edu & Training

We are committed to extending education and development programs at all levels of our company and support our region schools in enhancing the students learning paths.

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We trust in our people that everyday work together, that live our factory as their factory, inspiring and being inspired by them. We believe that life work blend should be the right attitude to approach personal and professional challenges and grow.

Rold Teams

Offices & Plants

All over the world, we provide solutions and technologies to the biggest international players

The Rold Group

We are committed to enable the potential of home, industrial and professional devices for a smarter living, through creativity and innovation.

40M €



components produced in 2020




production sites




revenues invested in Research, Development & Innovation.


Our components are continuously improved in efficiency and performance, to help our customers innovate their appliances and their consumers to live safer lives, reducing their environmental footprint too.

Our program


The resourcefulness of ROLD in identifying new business ideas through the development of hi-tech products, is supported by a top quality reliability and compliance with the most restrictive standards.