Rold wins the “Electrolux supplier award”

04 . 11 . 2021

Rold wins the “Electrolux Supplier Awards“, in the “Consumer Experience Awards – Care” category, for the design of applications and solutions for household appliances, that guarantee the final consumer a better user experience for fabric care.

This nomination for the innovative door lock for the new top load washing machine in Latin America is the recognition for the more than 20-year partnership and collaborative journey, during which Electrolux has become a preferred partner for innovation.

In close cooperation with Electrolux technical community, we have developed an original solution, which combines quality, technology and performance with market competitiveness. The window lid lock improves the consumer experience thanks to an easier-to-open system for the load and unload of the laundry together with a pleasing product aesthetic.

The product, awarded during the ceremony held last November 3rd, has a double value because “it guarantees to the final consumer a pleasant sensation of opening and closing the washing machine drum, while internally it allows to reduce any critical issues in the assembly line, making production processes leaner and easier” said Filippo Milanese, Senior Vice President Group Purchasing Electrolux, who continues: “we have selected Rold for the original solution developed which combines quality and technology, and reduces complexity with great competitiveness in the market”.

Riccardo Bruni, Head of Sales Rold, who represented the company during the ceremony, said: “I am absolutely excited and it is fantastic. We are very proud and honoured to receive this award from one of our historical and biggest costumer. It is a kind of reward for all the efforts we make every day to keep our service, quality and performance at the highest level, despite the shortage of materials and the general increase in prices. At the same time, this gives us further impetus and motivation to continue working with Electrolux on products and technologies which will provide end users with a smarter and more engaging experience”.