Rold wins the “Dual Excellence” award of the Italy-Germany Chamber of Commerce

13 . 12 . 2021

Rold is proud to announce the victory of the “Dual Excellence” award, the traditional appointment of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italien), created with the support of the German Ministry of Education and the Federal Office Govet, which rewards the best dual training initiatives active in Italy. The ceremony, attended by Giuseppe Congiusta on behalf of Rold, was held last December 3rd and was hosted by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Rome, at Villa Almone.

The dual model corresponds to training projects between companies, institutes and students with the aim of training the new professional figures most in demand on the job market.

Rold won in the category “first level apprenticeship projects” with the “Digital Lean Maintenance and Manufacturing” project in collaboration with ISIS Facchinetti of Castellanza (VA) and with ALI Spa, HR Business Partner. The award category was introduced by Agnese De Luca, General Director of Social Safety Nets and Training at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies: “This project represents an important strategy by the Ministry of Labour because it combines the expectations of young people through training with the needs of companies”.

Rold stood out “for the intense duality, the focus on digital technologies and the attention to sustainability according to the Agenda 2030 model, and for the commitment to make the territory grow through the formation of high profiles of competence thanks to collaboration between school and company” said Alessandra Biancolini, from ANPAL.

Roberto Colombo, Manufacturing Manager at Rold, commented: “receiving an award is always important and this gratifies the work and commitment that we put into training every day. It is the demonstration that companies can do business and at the same time support young people to train. Thanks to us, Rold, who believed in a new project by supporting the student in every activity for several months from day one as if he were part of Rold, as if he were our colleague”.