“Ours can be the first generation to end poverty – and the last generation to address climate change before it is too late.”

Ban-Ki Moon former UN Secretary-General

Since its establishment, ROLD has been always committed to give back to the local communities, through educational and training activities as well as other initiatives targeting students, other companies and so on. This approach, combined with the tension towards innovation, has allowed ROLD to increase its size in terms of people working with us as well as in terms of market opportunities.

Having clear in mind this starting point, Rold has devoted efforts over the last years in order to define a Strategic Plan for Sustainability covering the period 2022-2024. This Strategic Plan for Sustainability is the formalization of our commitment to our people, the local community where we work, the ecosystem with which we interact and the environment.

With our Strategic Plan for Sustainability we want to undertake a further step in our path towards sustainability, a journey that starts with clear objectives to be met and our commitment to achieve them.  We are strongly committed in achieving our goals so as to make our journey towards sustainability more and more concrete.

Our first Sustainability Report issued in May 2023, is a voluntary report and it is the result of a strong commitment of all the people in ROLD. This is the first goal we achieve in our journey toward a more systematized sustainability approach. It presents what we did during 2022 and what are our main ambitions for the next years.

Both our Plan for Sustainability and our Sustainability Report are based and inspired by the SDGs, which have been largely defined as the blueprint for the sustainability. We have deeply studied and analysed them and we have identified those to which we can contribute mostly.

Rold supports the UNGC (UN Global Compact) thus strengthening our commitment to its 10 principles.