rold ambassadors for sdg's

Rold is essentially made up of people. We strongly believe in their value, meant as both know-how and expertise they bring in Rold for their everyday activities and the value they bring within Rold while sharing their interests and attitudes. For this reason, we decided to start our journey towards a more sustainable Rold by identifying among our people 17 Ambassadors, one per each SDG. Each Ambassador has been associated to the SDG, which he/she represents at most because of the activities he/she carries out in Rold or because of initiatives directly promoted.

The role of the Ambassadors is threefold. They have to disseminate the ambition of Agenda 2030 and its SDGs, with a particular focus on the SDG they represent and the related targets; to make people within Rold aware of the importance of these themes and involve them in our journey through a transformative change in our daily behaviours in Rold and outside Rold and eventually be the reference person to collect possible inputs to be analysed and possibly included in our initiatives towards sustainability.

The Ambassadors have played a primary role in the ideation and delivery of the Workshops on Agenda 2030.

Corinne Crivellari

Automatic Assembly Operator

Nicola Carrus 

Software Development Manager

Paolo Sbuttoni 

Marketing Manager

Alessandro Mansutti

Head of Innovation & Research

Daniela Colantropo

HR Manager

Alessandro Migliavacca

Advanced Materials Engineer

Salvatore Avanzato

General Maintenance Manager

Morena Prescendi

Automatic Assembly Operator

Roberto Colombo

Manufacturing Manager

Daniela Pochiero

Assembly Operator

Dennis Ilare

Product Innovation Engineer

Giuseppe Congiusta

 Lean Process Engineer

Roberta Sgarra

Software Developer

Riccardo Balzarotti

 Materials Specialist

Giulia Germiniasi

 Global Account Manager

Massimo Faravelli

 Quality Manager

Laura Rocchitelli

 President & CEO