Rold partner in the new Microsoft Manufacturing Experience in Milan.

26 . 07 . 2019

Rold with the SmartFab platform is partner in the Microsoft Technology Center which is enriched with an “experience” dedicated to the Manufacturing.

In Microsoft House, Viale Pasubio 21, Milan, a new training site is born thanks to Microsoft Partner applications, including Rold SmartFab: a space dedicated to companies and professionals who can experience innovation scenarios from Industry 4.0 to Artificial Intelligence and understand the value of new technologies.

Microsoft Italia confirms its commitment to education and inaugurates the new Manufacturing Experience, an experiential path dedicated to manufacturing that enriches the Microsoft Technology Center, designed to make companies, startups and professionals understand the new scenarios and to promote open innovation. The Center has already hosted 1,000 events and training opportunities involving 30,000 professionals in 2 years.

Starting from the awareness of the strategic value of the Manufacturing sector for the Italian economy and of the need to lead companies in their digital transformation path, Microsoft has teamed up with its Partners to develop an immersive, interactive and customizable experience that allows Top Managers and IT professionals to understand through demos and concrete applications how innovation enables companies to face market challenges.

Rold SmartFab, the manufacturing process digital platform, is installed at he entrance of Manufacturing Experience, integrated with Microsoft solutions that represent the backbone of the experience, from the Cloud to the Edge. The collaboration between Microsoft and its partners ecosystem is fundamental and the Manufacturing Experience is a concrete example, as it shows innovative and vertical solutions.

The project has the ambition to continuously evolve: the space is accessible to companies and professionals who want to see the latest innovations “in action”, including the SmartFab Platform, with which Microsoft and Partners intend to support the path of Digital Transformation.