ROLD participates in the #Futurabili initiative

30 . 03 . 2023

ROLD is pleased to have been involved in the #Futurabili initiative, the first event of the Community House of MIND Milano Innovation District which intends to offer orientation courses for the professions and skills of the future!

How will the work of the future be done? What skills will the professionals of tomorrow have? Our way of working is changing, influenced both by growing technological development and by the important social and environmental challenges to which governments and companies are called to respond.

Faced with this ever-changing scenario, young people and adults are asking themselves: how will my profession change in two, five or ten years?

Futurabili offers a series of training experiences for career guidance purposes, aimed at residents or inhabitants of one of the municipalities in the north-west of Milan or in the city of Milan aged between 18 and 34, on 4 specific themes, which will characterize different professions of the future: #artificial intelligence, #rapid protyping, #advanced materials, #industry40

ROLD will contribute to the initiative by organizing training experiences thanks to the contribution of the R-Lab team and Rold Academy.