Rold participates in the Futurabili initiative

12 . 02 . 2024

Rold is proud to participate, together with the MIND Community House and in collaboration with APS La Rotonda, in the Futurabili4Baranzate project, a path to get closer to and get to know the MIND Milano Innovation District and the opportunities it offers in terms of study and professions, with particular focus on skills related to emerging technologies and contemporary challenges. The course is reserved for young people aged between 14 and 19 who live in Baranzate (MI), interested in engaging with some emerging professions, possibly responding to some project challenges.

Born in 2022 thanks to the T-Factor project, the Futurabili initiative offers a series of free professional orientation training experiences, conducted by sector experts, employees of companies or organizations based at MIND.
For the 2023/2024 edition, an imaginary space aimed at encouraging dialogue and collaboration between the realities adjacent to MIND, the companies within MIND and the academic world was designed as part of the MIND Community House initiative .
This second edition, conceived by the PlusValue company and the local association La Rotonda APS of Baranzate, involves, in addition to ROLD, the Triulza Foundation, the University of Milan and the Valore Italia School of Restoration and constitutes a path to approaching and understanding the neighborhood MIND and the opportunities it offers.

The training sessions held by Rold covered:
– the fundamentals of 3D printing with Alessandro Mansutti and Luis Haruo Inafuku Yoshida;
– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Dennis Ilare, with a specific focus on knowing how to distinguish what is AI and what is not.

One of the novelties of this edition is that the participants in the groups, guided by their educators and a videomaking expert, will have to create a semi-professional video reportage of MIND, expressing their emotions, perceptions and expectations, with the aim of creating a final product that provides a personal and creative narrative about the MIND district and that can be shared with others.