Rold joins the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world

30 . 03 . 2021



Rold has committed to supporting the UN Global Compact (UNGC), its ten principles, and to publicly report the progression in key areas of sustainability against the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals.

This is a further step Rold takes towards a fully-fledged integration of the sustainability principles within our strategy. 

Being part of the UNGC, Rold will receive support in further implementing our contribution for realizing the Agenda 2030. Indeed, UNGC provides companies with a principle-based framework, best practices, resources and networking events to support them implementing responsible practices and developing innovative solutions so as to achieve sustainability.

By signing our endorsement, Rold has committed to formally integrating the UNGC’s ten Principle and SDGs into our strategy, day-to-day work life and Rold culture. These principles focus on the protection of human rights, the promotion of a greater environmental responsibility, and fight against corruption in all forms. 

Rold has always been aligned to these principles, but starting today we will define and adopt additional initiatives and activities striving for the achievement of the sustainability, and reporting regularly on our progress toward their achievement.

In Rold we are all aware that our company is interconnected with the environment and the society and we are conscious that we can make the difference only if we achieve prosperity and well being for all and protect our environment. This is perfectly summarised in our vision: Enable the potential of Home, Industrial and Professional devices for a smarter living.

”We are proud to join the U.N. Global Compact and we are very happy to be part of this important initiative. In 2020, we have decided to start a journey towards sustainability and the endorsement to the UNGC goes in this direction. We want more and more support the important work of the United Nations and taking action to integrate the SDGs into our business practices. We want to contribute to create a better world, for us and for next generations” said Laura Rocchitelli.