Rold among the beneficiaries of “Bando Al Via” for a new production of doorlocks

02 . 02 . 2021

Rold among the beneficiaries of the “Bando Al Via”. This will support the launch of a new production line for the development of waterproof doorlocks.

Elettrotecnica Rold Srl has been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the funding scheme “Bando al Via”, and will be awarded a grant equal to € 144.900.

The support provided by the initiative under the aegis of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020, Innovation and Competitiveness, will enable Rold to launch a new production line of “waterproof” doorlocks, while ensuring high –flexibility for what concerns the production patterns and a dramatic reduction in terms of production wastes.

In particular, Rold will:

  • Purchase an Industry 4.0 machinery, which will be crucial for the setting up of the new production line and will be interconnected with the I4.0 SmartFab platform.
  • Develop and manufacture a novel set of doorlocks, which will be waterproof, customized according to the customers’ needs. Thanks to the innovative potential of this new solution, Rold aims at positioning in the Southeast Asian market as a key supplier for all the main household producers.
  • By leveraging this innovative I4.0 Machinery, Rold will be able to optimize the production of its products thus increasing the efficacy of the whole process while reducing the production wastes and the energy consumption.