towards sustainability

workshops agenda 2030 & SDG


17 workshops


280 attendees


3 hours per workshop


840 hours devoted to sustainability

Rold Academy organised 17 workshops focusing on Agenda 2030, the SDGs and the sustainable development. Each Workshop focussed on one specific SDG.

We have identified 17 Ambassadors within Rold. Each Ambassador has been invited to join the initiative because of his/her activity in Rold.


The Ambassadors have planned, organised and delivered activities of their workshop, which was structured as follows:

  • An introduction on the definition of sustainable development and on the Ambition of the Agenda 2030
  • A focus on a specific SDG
  • Co-creation of possible initiatives to be promoted in Rold in order to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

training on innovative products and processes to contribute to sustainability




21 attendees


40 hours per participant

840 hours for sustainable innovation

Together with Fondazione Politecnico, we have organized a training course entitled “innovative products and processes to contribute to the sustainability”. The ultimate goal of this training course is to provide our mechanical designers, software developers and R-Lab researchers with effective tools and methods for ideating new products and processes compliant with sustainability requirements.

The training course consists in 40 hours and deals with diverse topics such as: advanced materials, eco-design, LCA, Circular economy.


The training course has been co-funded by Regione Lombardia Formazione Continua Fase VI, POR FESR 2014-2020, company voucher ID 2931739, training course ID 22737.