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Rold Academy represents our vision: fostering a life-long learning approach, for everyone. For this reason, our courses can be attended from both people from Rold and people coming from other entities. Our courses and training are completely based on the knowledge and the expertise acquired over the last 50 years.  

Rold Academy fosters the cross-contamination among people and sharing of ideas and knowledge. The ultimate goal of the Rold Academy is to enhance innovation and amplify creativity.


In Rold we strongly believe that training and education are the hearth of innovation. Therefore, we have organised over the years several initiatives targeting children, students and people working in Rold.

Hence, Rold Academy is the step forward in this mission towards a life-long learning approach

Rold Academy has been launched in September 2020 with the aim of enhancing and amplifying the competences of Rold people. In addition we intend to support the transfer of these competences also to people who are not within Rold but who would like to pursue a path towards transformative change as the one experienced by Rold.

Indeed, during the last 10 years we have been living the digital transition, thus reinforcing our competences and know-how in the field of mechatronics on the one hand and acquiring digital skills and Industry 4.0 knowledge on the other hand.

But, in this fast-changing world it is fundamental to provide people with soft skills, as for instance communication, change management, critical thinking, emotional thinking. In our vision hard and soft skills are complementary and fundamental in order to stimulate creativity and innovation.

rold academy governance

We strongly believe in cross-contamination, sharing of experiences and expertise as fundamental drivers for (personal and business) growth. As a consequence, we have decided to include in the governance of the Rold academy two bodies: the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board.

our courses

Rold Academy supports the continuous improvement of your skills

It is a place where you can share your knowledge.

Rold Academy is the place where the experience acquired by Rold over the time becomes an integral part of the learning experience.