soft skills

team assembly leader




9 attendees


3 hours per lesson


270 hours for upskilling

As Rold evolves, new needs emerge. In order to meet these new needs, it has been created a new role within Rold: The Team Assembly Leader. Who will act as a key role, a problem solver, able to steer and coordinate the assembly activities. A specific training course has been designed so as to support the skills of the people selected for this role. Three are the main areas addressed by the training course:

  • Soft skills: communication, emotional intelligence, leadership;
  • Digital skills: basic skills, smart manufacturing and I4.0
  • Hard skills: related to the activities they have to supervise for what concerns the assembly lines.

In addition, it has been decided to include in the training path also mentoring and coaching activities.


This training course has been presented during the European project “Upskill4future” and will be included within the best practises for upskilling. The aim is to validate the methodology developed by Rold within the context of the European project.