01 . 10 . 2020

A beacon for the culture of continuous learning in SMEs, a launch pad for talents that combines schools and universities, research and companies.

Monday 28 September, the Politecnico of Milan hosted the presentation event of Rold ACADEMY, the project of education of Rold, Italian manufacturing company near Milan, leader in the production of innovative components, committed to create and develop products, technologies and platforms that are a benchmark for the future of household appliances, in the professional and industrial sectors.

“ ROLD ACADEMY is a physical and virtual place that promotes the culture of continuous learning with a high quality training offer. A dynamic place where knowledge is produced and which favors the encounter between people and the contamination of ideas, encourages the collection, exchange and consolidation of knowledge, the creation of common values ​​and supports innovation and creativity . ”

” Rold Academy is a place where each person will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and will make available to others the skills to grow together ,” said Laura Rocchitelli, President & CEO of Rold, then leaving space to Daniela De Lucia, Rold Academy Director : ” The target is to promote a continuous learning culture that enables a match and contamination among ideas to create a base of common supporting constant innovation […] Collaborations with high schools, universities, companies and others academies will be strengthened in an ecosystem perspective, to provide the right skills to the talents of today and tomorrow, in a structured project that aims to development of people and the companies. ”  The presentation of the vision was followed by the listing of the objectives and themes of the providedd courses: management training, digital skills and new evolutionary scenarios , techniques, skills competencies, security and environment , sales & marketing, complementary skills.