individual training

Dual Apprenticeship “Digital Lean Maintenance and Manufacturing”

In 2020 and 2021, we hosted Nicolas Mele, former student at the Istituto ISIS C. Facchinetti – Castellanza. In Rold Nicolas had the possibility to experience the Dual Apprenticeship, which is a combination of workplace learning and supplementary vocational instruction. The title of this dual apprenticeship was “Digital Lean Maintenance and Manufacturing”.

We have designed and organized the educational path together with Ali Spa, an HR Multiservice company and with Prof. Raffaele Salemme (ISIS C. Facchinetti). This has led to the definition of a learning experience capable of combining the interests of Nicolas and our needs.

During his Dual Apprenticeship, Nicolas has been supervised by two company tutors: Roberto Colombo (Plant Manager) and Giuseppe Congiusta (Lean process Engineer). In addition Nicolas had the chance to constantly interact and cooperate also with other key figured within Rold: this has enable him to fully understand the complexity of a business organization.

In December 2021, our project has been awarded by the AHK for the following reasons:

  • a strong dual approach,
  • the focus on digital technologies as well as on sustainability themes
  • the commitment of Rold in social responsibility which aims at contributing to the local community through educational initiatives.


  • Leveraging on machine learning and digital-twins to boost the achievement of SDG 6, SDG 9, SDG 11, SDG 12

  • Executive PhD Candidate – Politecnico di Milano – Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dennis Ilare, Product Innovation Engineer working in R-lab, has been accepted as PhD Executive candidate in 2020. His research activities focus on the development of possible solutions to speed up the achievement of SDGs by leveraging advanced technologies such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin.