Research & InnovationConnected components, Mechatronics, Materials

Applied technologies

R-Lab is the new multidisciplinary idea-laboratory of Applied Research led by a Team of Rold Engineers working in collaboration with universities, companies and experts, ranging from Advanced Mechatronics to Human Machine Interactions, from Applications & Smart Devices to Advanced Materials.

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R&D Team

Being aware that ours are highest-quality components, we strive to embed innovative and digital technology at the more competitive prices. We aim to enable the largest number of individuals, families and communities to the potentials of a more extensive experience and connected evolution.

Rold Research

Rold Research has been created by three Italian SMEs, with their own capitals and investments, to become Institutional Participants of the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (University). The project aims to create a continuous access with a multidisciplinary approach to all the great potentialities as for research, infrastructure and skills at the highest level.