door closing devices

push switches

The devices are also available with the new “snap” coupling system, which has allowed appliance manufacturers to reduce assembly times, thus accelerating the entire production cycle.

The series is suitable for all electrical circuits thanks to its breaking and switching contacts. To make it easier to apply the component, a “clip” system is used in addition to the traditional “nut” one.


push button units

Microswitches satisfy the various market needs thanks to their excellent electrical performance and make it possible for the finished products to adapt to all types of applications.

The simple and functional design of the Rold push button units aims to simplify the work of professionals who use professional household appliances on a daily basis.


dosing pumps

Systems able to mix and dose different detergents with water in order to have a ready-to-use mixed fluid.

Adaptable to manage the flow of each fluid. It can be applied on professional ovens with washing cycle integrated.