For more than sixty years, we transform inspiration to innovation, shaping strategic partnerships with our
customer companies and having been awarded among the most reliable suppliers


Our doorlocks are cutting-edge components thanks to their modular application and maximum guaranteed safety: in their evolutions they represent an innovative closure system. Their use is considered an essential guarantee for electrical and mechanical safety.

door closing / opening devices

Thanks to an innovative European patent, the devices are also available with the new “snap” coupling system, which has allowed all major appliance manufacturers to reduce assembly times, thus accelerating the entire production cycle.

Solutions perfectly in line with the needs of the largest global players.



These Automatic Door Opener series have an innovative “soft touch” feeling and provide self-detecting door open / door closed


push/push switches

The push-push switches use the concept of modularity with which ROLD provides “combinable / modular” systems suitable for all needs.

The series is suitable for all electrical circuits thanks to its breaking and switching contacts. To make it easier to apply the component, a “clip” system is used in addition to the traditional “nut” one.


rotary switches, selectors and encoders

Small size of these products allows them to be used in confined spaces.

Their modularity allows to adapt the different mechanical functions of the encoder required from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 positions.

Available with various electrical features and fixation systems, they are designed to create an ideal user interface with the customized actuation torque and the tactile feeling of the switching.



Equipped with a wide range of modular accessories, microswitches satisfy the various market needs thanks to their excellent electrical performance and make it possible for the finished products to adapt to all types of applications.

ROLD microswitches were developed using the know-how gained by the company in over 50 years and their quality is guaranteed by a highly automated production process and strict final inspections.


Our sensors are highly and easily customized according to the needs of our customers.

Easy to install, they guarantee long-term reliability thanks to the quality of the materials they are made of.

water level