Innovation of Products and Processes for Sustainability

29 . 06 . 2022

Rold was the beneficiary of the training course “Innovation of products and processes for sustainability”, organized in collaboration with the Foundation Politecnico of Milan, under the call of the Lombardy Region Continuing Training Phase VI, POR FESR 2014-2020, company voucher ID 2931739, containing course ID 22737.

It was a fundamental step in Rold ‘s path towards sustainability, favoring cross-contamination between the offices and the R-Lab, R&D, Digital, Quality and Regulations departments.

The course, held by professors of the Politecnico di Milano and business experts, has involved 21 participants selected from among Rold collaborators, for a duration of 40 training hours per participant. It was proposed to support a systematic approach to the issue of “sustainability”, thus starting from an analysis of the various aspects of environmental impact in the production process and in the entire life cycle of the product, in particular in relation to energy consumption and water consumption, to then focus on more specific issues such as the Life Cycle Assessment , Intellectual Property, Taxonomies for the exploration of ‘green’ technologies, New Materials and Appliance Design.

Massimo Faravelli , one of the particpants of the course, said:

“More than a course it was a journey! Learning that the choice of raw material (and the energy necessary for its extraction) is crucial for the overall sustainability result of a product was an enlightening discovery. As quality we have always measured process inefficiencies by accounting for waste in PPM (number of defects per million product) or for the economic value of the loss. Being able to think now in “how much CO2 equivalent can we save today? How much raw material can we save?” is a beautiful stimulus for our future as developers and manufacturers of devices and systems for the automated management of processes. “

The detailed analysis of the production process, which was conducted on one of our core products taken as a reference for the exercises of the course, was preparatory to parallel development of the activities related to the SmartFab 2030 project, funded by the Lombardy Region under the POR call. FESR 2014-2020 –TECH FAST LOMBARDIA “entitled:” Development of an I.40 system to make the green and digital transition easy and accessible to all: SmartFab 2030 – SustainableFab – ID: 3156911 “, which has the ambition to analyze the environmental impacts in the various production processes

All this is in line with the approach that has always characterized Rold activities; in fact, as early as 2015, the company has laid the foundations for the digital transformation process in a 4.0 perspective thanks to the creation of an IoT platform , called Rold SmartFab, capable of monitoring the progress of production in real time of machinery with the goal of guaranteeing excellent factory performance.

Platform that, used day byday, has allowed the production site of Cerro Maggiore (MI) to enter the restricted circle of “Lighthouses Plant” outlined by the World Economic Forum, and which we now want to offer to the market as well.

Rold is in fact the only 100% Italian SME included in the Global Lighthouse Network of Advanced Manufacturers that stand out for the application of technologies typical of Industry 4.0 in terms of operations, and optimization of production processes, including the reduction of environmental impacts.