Info SmartFab

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    Rold SmartFab in one of the most flexible and versatile IoT platforms

    • Web App accessible everytime & everywhere powered by smart dashboards
    • Easy and fast interconnections of machines by using a wide library of drivers
    • Usage of standard IoT devices with high security levels
    • Data available on every device: touch screen monitor, pc, tablet, smartwatch, smartphone
    • Visualization of machines performances at a plant or department level
    • Data sharing on monitors connected to the platform (32, 43 o 55 inches)/li>
    • OEE machine index, alarms and maps, bring data directly to users
    • Interaction between users (profiled and customizable) and teams
    • Causalization stops and defects, input of production orders, notes, documents and videos
    • Deatiled reports on machines performances and alarms detected