SmartFabIndustry 4.0 in Real time

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Integration with all types of machinery
  • Modular “smart” solutions for every need
  • Data sharing and functionality with Cloud Azure
  • Connection with Industrial IoT applications

"Digital Twin in Real time": Rold SmartFab is one of the most flexible and versatile IoT platforms

  • Web App available everytime & everywhere and easy navigation dashboard
  • Quick and easy interconnection of machinery, through the use of a large library of drivers
  • Use of standard IoT devices with high levels of security
  • Usability of the data on each device: touch screen monitor, pc, tablet, smartwatch, smartphone
  • Performance display of machinery for a synoptic view of plant or department
  • Sharing data on connected Samsung monitors (32, 43 or 55 inches)
  • Machine OEE, alarms and maps, allow you to bring the data directly to the user
  • Interaction between users (profiled and programmable) and between work teams
  • Causalization of stops and rejects, insertion of production orders, notes, documents and videos
  • Detailed reporting of all machine performance and detected alarms

Available on Cloud and On-Premise: the factory constantly at hand

Suitable for the most different production areas, SmartFab interconnects the physical and data field, enables the use of a real “Digital Twin” of the factory and the machinery.

  • Fully customizable dashboards and reports
  • Use the powerful Microsoft Azure Function, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • Automatic provisioning of devices
  • Bidirectional communications Edge device and Cloud
  • Data processing (low latency + high reliability) and data synch on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • History of data and events related to machine stops and alarms

Keep electricity, compressed air and many other variables under control


  • Available On-premise and Cloud
  • Monitoring of electricity, air, water, gas or other variables consumption
  • Consumption monitoring for each individual machine
  • Data visualization on synoptic and on-board monitors
  • Improvement of efficiency and constant reduction of waste
  • Reporting in Excel via email
  • Business Intelligence Tool


Interaction between users who are reached everywhere to make timely and correct decisions


  • Customization of notification delivery (Gear, Mail, etc.)
  • Machine alarm management on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch
  • Management of alarms detected by the machine or customized by the user
  • Notification escalation system
  • Possibility of calling the Gear smartwatch from the on-board monitor
  • Quick intervention and timely decision-making

SmartFab integrates effectively with ERP and MES systems already in use

SmartFab works in parallel with the resource planning and production software systems, providing constant and continuous support.

  • Integration with existing ERP or MES
  • Work plan view for each resource
  • Immediate and constant support, without data loss
  • Integration at all levels with immediate data recovery
  • Sharing information to all operators involved
  • Start-up and management of production orders on the machine

From Edge to Industrial IoT, a fundamental support to bring data anywhere and at any time

Directly from the machine, operators can interact and implement timely measures.

  • Real-time monitoring of production performance
  • Check alarms of the single resource
  • Causalization of stops and rejects directly from the machine
  • Consultation of documents, videos and digital notes
  • Real time of machine downtime, breakdowns
  • Check production rate and reduce intervention times



Download here SmartFab Brochure in English