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The ROLD Industrial Division was created specifically to develop and market the SmartFab platform that monitors production in Real time and will add features and new developments on Safety and Sustainability.
SmartFab was created by the collaboration of the R&D teams of ROLD and Samsung and now is also available with Microsoft's Cloud Computing technologies , to offer a more complete, solid, effective solution.
The platform was developed taking into account the needs of the real industry and production processes and since 2016, when it was installed in ROLD , has transformed its business model.
Thanks to the results, the World Economic Forum, in 2019, recognized and included Cerro Maggiore ROLD plant, among the first 16 "Lighthouse Plants" worldwide . ROLD, the only 100% Italian SME, is included in the Global Lighthouse Network of Advanced Manufacturers which are distinguished by the application of the typical Industry 4.0 technologies with a focus on operations, sustainability and environmental impact.

ROLD "lighthouse plant"

Thanks to digitalization, managers and operators always have data and alarms at hand, even in Cloud.

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Rold SmartFab has helped people, to improve factory performance by optimizing production processes.

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