Bio4Dreams and ROLD constitute BEEP Factory, a startup to facilitate prototyping in Life Sciences

02 . 05 . 2024

After the first agreement between Bio4Dreams and ROLD was signed in July 2022 and thanks to the work brought forward together in the following months, we are happy to announce the official birth of BEEP Factory, BioEngineering Enhanced Prototyping Factory.
It is the first innovative startup in the Life Sciences sector born from a joint venture between two Pioneers and MIND tenants.
The initiative was created to offer support in the development of devices and instruments in the field of Life Sciences, from prototype design to production scaleup. The goal is to facilitate and complete the complex path that many startups in the sector face to get through from the idea to the product on the market.
The startup brings together Bio4Dreams’ skills in the startup field, its portfolio of projects, and the expertise of Rold, leader in the creation and production of components and innovative and technological solutions.

“We are very proud to establish BEEP Factory together with ROLD, an initiative we believe will be essential to bridge the gap that still exists between the design and creation of devices innovative in the field of Life Sciences. But this project represents also a further step in our process of industrialization of innovation, facilitating the transformation of ideas into concrete solutions.”
Elisabetta Borello, Co-Founder, VP Strategy & External Relations, Bio4Dreams

“When several years ago we imagined the presence of Rold with its own space in the place that would later become MIND, our dream was to be overlooking a window onto a new and different world from the one we know. This would have allowed sharing our knowledge, acquiring new ones, and undertaking innovative paths bringing them together. The birth of BEEP Factory made possible thanks to the meeting and harmony with Bio4Dreams, is a concrete example of the fact that the attitude to “attend the future” helps make things happen.”
Laura Rocchitelli, President & CEO, Rold

BEEP Factory exemplifies the potential for generating impactful innovations by blending complementary expertise and by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. Despite originating from distinct backgrounds, ROLD and Bio4Dreams have effectively pooled their unique skills, resulting in the setting up of this pioneering startup—the first start-up resulting from the collaborative efforts of two MIND tenants.”.
Alessandro Mansutti, CEO, BEEP Factory