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Enhancing the appliances in the new digitized world with reliability and creativity.

ROLD develops and produces technological components in synergy with all the major household appliance manufacturers in the world, starting from the earliest stages of design and planning. In a total collaborative approach we develop customized products that perfectly meet market needs and the specific requirements.

We ensure top-level quality standards with a high-tech production process, entirely “Made in Italy” and totally controlled through rigorous testing and analysis processes. The company designs and develops tailor-made solutions according to specific customer requirements.

We are facing a significant transformation in our businesses because of customers’ needs to be more digitally interconnected

Smart sensors make available in digital format more and more detailed information about the physical world

Encoders are becoming smarter and enable finer and finer control from the digital to the physical world

Discover the New Smart Encoders and Sensors


The first ROLD doorlocks date back to the 1970s, when the company was among the first manufacturers offering a door locking system that was soon to become compulsory on all washing machines.

Today it is a cutting-edge component due to its modular application and maximum guaranteed safety and in its evolutions it represents an innovative locking system.

In some versions the device guarantees the closing and releasing of the door simply by pushing and pulling the door handle. The system employs a specific safety system that guarantees the opening of the door thanks to a simple pushing force from the inside (predetermined according to safety standards).


The history of ROLD’s door closing devices is a testimony to the company’s ability to anticipate market demand by developing solutions perfectly in line with the requirements of big global players.

The leading products are designed to close and open electrical household appliance doors, dryers in particular.

Thanks to the internal ‘toggle’ mechanism, a traction force is exerted on the hook during closing, guaranteeing a constant and enduring seal over time. The opening or closing force can be adjusted according to specific client requirements, so as to provide the most suitable solution. Thanks to an innovative European patent, in addition to the traditional self-tapping screw fastening system, the device is also available with a new ‘snap’ fitting system, which has made it possible for all main household appliance manufacturers to reduce assembly times thus accelerating the entire production cycle.


Launched on the market in the 1980s, push-push switches employ the modularity concept thanks to which ROLD still manages to supply “combinable/modular” systems suitable for all needs.

The series is available in two versions – single and double pole – and is suitable for all electrical circuits thanks to its breaking and switching contacts. To make the application of the component easier, a ‘clip’ system is used in addition to the traditional ‘nut’ one. If assembled in series, it constitutes an alternative to common push button units and offers the advantage of a fixed or variable spacing and independent buttons. The natural evolution is among the most innovative solution and can be applied to all hardware and software used by household appliance manufacturers. It enables the machine to be deactivated when in ‘stand-by,’ thereby saving more energy.


ROLD started producing rotary switches/selectors in the 1990s with a double-pole rotary switch with outlets for Rast 5 connections suitable for various mechanical interfaces.

In current versions, small sizes means they can be used in narrow spaces and it can be axially matched with the RD series decoder and their modularity means they can be adjusted to the different mechanical decoder functions required from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 20 positions.

Other switches enable a system that integrates the power switch with the signal selector, making it possible to replace old timers, switch appliances on/off or select programmes with a single gesture (for example, a washing cycle in a washing machine). The modularity of the component enables the diversification of the functions required of the encoder from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 positions, all the while maintaining the line switch functions.


Equipped with a wide range of modular accessories, microswitches satisfy the various market needs thanks to their excellent electrical performance and make it possible for the finished products to adapt to all types of applications. ROLD microswitches were developed using the know-how gained by the company in over 50 years and their quality is guaranteed by a highly automated production process and strict final inspections.

Small size, stable operating force and travel over time, wide range of accessories to satisfy different market requests, excellent electrical performance making it suitable for all electrical circuits, superior quality thanks to a fully-automated production process and excellent material are just a few of the features of our series microswitches. The core of Rold switches is the patented coupling between the contact blade and the shared terminal.


The different push button series were designed with aesthetically pleasing features such as a wide range of colours and shapes to be installed on all small and large household appliances as well as industrial equipment. The most modern push buttons are integrated with lights to make switching the appliance on and off visible and recognisable.