rold academy governance


1 –  Strengthen and share the Rold values

2 – Organise training courses for improving the domain-specific knowledge, but always taking into account the emerging needs and future trends

3 –  Stimulate the continuous professional growth of all the people, both within Rold and from outside, with a particular focus on training aimed at improving the ability to master soft skills

4 – Foster life-long learning through the reinforcement of already existing collaborations and the establishment of new ones. This will aim at designing education paths for young people so as to support their employability and make them the pioneers of a new generation of decision makers

5 – Promote the talents of all the people in Rold and become a reference centre for new talented people

6 – Favour a continuous process of cross-contamination between different and diverse expertise, skills and e competences

7 – Contribute, thanks to its activities and engagement to the achievement of the following United Nations SDGs: SDG 4 – Quality education; SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth; SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. A particular focus will be on the achievement of the SDG 5 – gender equality. Rold Academy will foster the education activities within the STEM context and will support the development of specific training courses targeting young girls for an increase of the female leadership.