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People, Passion, Audacity, Responsibility, Results: we transfer them in everyday behaviours, so we consolidate our culture. We promote real change through our strategy, being catalyst of innovation for our customers and our people too. We are committed to enable the potential of home, industrial and professional devices for a smarter living, through creativity and innovation.

cutting-edge technologies that anticipate customer needs

During sixty years of activity, Rold Group has carried its ideals of quality and reliability into the world market through its products and its people. Our experience in the appliance component market allow the company to react rapidly and flexibly to any large scale request for products and assistance. 

Rold Group’s philosophy is to be always one step ahead of the needs of the market, this has allowed the company to gain the trust of the major appliance brands worldwide. 

it's all about partnership

Rold Group has always cherished its ability to work togheter with its customer to solve their technical problems. Rold designs new solutions without losing sight of the precise functions of the components and the specific needs of the customers both in terms of technology and the internal production processses involved in its manufacture. 

pursuit of perfection

In order to secure top results, one of our major investments is to carefully choose raw materials. This gives a decisive contribution to ensuring that component production and assembly processes lead to a high quality finished product. 

The resourcefulness of ROLD in identifying new business ideas through the development of hi-tech products is supported by extensive investments in research and development and compliance with the most restrictive standards.

history & values

the beginnings

ROLD was born in 1963 in the province of Milan, the acronym represents the initials of the two founding spouses: Rocchitelli Onofrio and Loro Dolores.

“Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it immediately” was the mantra of Onofrio Rocchitelli, inventor of the first microswitch for polishers that started the history of the company.

Starting from that first component, ROLD has continuously improved production methods, speeded up the assembly line, reduced waste, studied and launched new products. This has made it possible to acquire the position of market leader in the sector of electromechanical components for household appliances.

primo microinterruttore Rold
Fiere anni '60

trade fairs

The mid-1960’s corresponds to the phase of the Economic Boom in Italy, the growing general well-being favors the rise of the household appliance industry and trade fairs represent the main opportunities to show off.

It is in one of these events that Onofrio Rocchitelli met Eng. Borghi from Ignis who, strongly intrigued by these Italian microswitches, immediately asks Onofrio to supply it for its range of appliances.

The company grows rapidly in the production area, reaching a few dozen employees at the beginning of the 1970’s.

Fiere anni '60


The most important challenge for ROLD arises from washing machines: centrifuges increase the number of revolutions year after year, hence the need for a product that ensures that the door does not open when the appliance is in operation. The doorlock, developed by Onofrio Rocchitelli, becomes the main product of the company, consisting of a standardized heart and surrounded by a customized application for each customer in order to push volumes without penalizing the specifications requested by customers. To date, 5 out of 10 washing machines worldwide are equipped with a ROLD branded door lock.

test laboratory

In the mid-90s the accredited test laboratory was born within the company to carry out the most complex pre-certification processes, in order to guarantee the high quality of ROLD production and be faster than the competition. At that time, the ROLD group could already boast all the internationally recognized qualifications and certifications. 

In the world there are only 1.091 certified laboratories at the ROLD level.


It’s the second generation of the Rocchitelli’s family to carry on the ROLD tradition, a group that exports 80% of its turnover all over the world and has 230 employees. ROLD is recognized as one of the most reliable and competent partners in the world of white goods as a supplier of highly technological and customized safety components for each customer.

Laura Rocchitelli

President & CEO
Financial & HR

Massimo Rocchitelli

CMO – Marketing & Communication

Stefano Rocchitelli

CTO – Technical & Quality

beyond core business

Since 2012, the company has laid the foundations for the digital transformation process in a 4.0 perspective thanks to the creation of an IoT platform, called Rold SmartFab, capable of monitoring the progress of production in real time of the machinery with the aim to guarantee excellent factory performance.

This allowed the production site in Cerro Maggiore (MI) to be included in the restricted circle of “Lighthouse Plants” selected by the World Economic Forum: Rold is the only 100% Italian SME included in the Global Lighthouse Network of Advanced Manufacturers that stand out for their ” application of the typical technologies of Industry 4.0 in terms of operations, sustainability and environmental impact.